[expand title=”Should I have a Web Page?”] There are lots of reasons to have a web page.

  • Information is always available.
  • Customers can find information for themselves, at any time.
  • It gives your business a modern image.
  • Its easier and cheaper to update web pages than printed brochures.
  • Your competitors may have a web page.
  • Your business has a global reach rather than just local.
[expand title=”What do I need for my own Web Page?”] The most common type of web page is one that is like a brochure – with pictures, text and contact information for your business.

A slightly more complicated web site will allow you to conduct business over the Internet by taking orders and receiving payments.

In most cases you will simply need some text and pictures (photos can be scanned in and used). If you would like a product list displayed on your web site, you would also need to have that information available.

You should also give some thought to a preferred colour scheme. In many cases there will already be a logo, business card, or stationery that will be the starting point for the web page design. It makes sense to have a consistent appearance across printed and web based material. If not, then then you have a wide range of choices in colours and typefaces to create a really eyecatching design.
[expand title=”What is involved in creating a Web Page?”] The first step is to decide the purpose of your web site, and that helps determine the content.

Next we work on the colour scheme, and basic structure showing how pages link together. We can show you a couple of options if starting from scratch, or copy existing colours.

Then we start putting in the details – the actual words and photos. We will work with you to get it right.

Once you are happy with your web site, it is uploaded to the World Wide Web for the public.
[expand title=”How will people find my web page?”] You can publicise your web site address on your brochures, letterhead and business cards….the more places the better.

People searching on the net can also find your web site using a search engine. Give some thought to what you would type in if you were looking for a web site like yours, and make sure those words or phrases are included in your text.

Another avenue for making your web site more accessible is by getting links to your web site included on other web sites. For example your local tourist bureau might list services in your area.
[expand title=”Tell me about domains and web hosting…”] A Domain Name is an address that tells people where your website can be found. It consists of a word or phrase and an extension such as .com, .net, or .org.

Web Hosting gives you a location for your web site.

Once you have a domain name and a hosting package, visitors will be able to view your site by entering
your domain in the address bar of their Internet browser.

Contact us for more information or assistance.
[expand title=”How much does a Web Page cost?”] Its really hard to give exact prices, but this will give you some idea of what we charge. Usually the cost will vary depending on the number of separate pages, and also the amount of graphical work involved.

Some things can be included with a minimum of effort, and we include these in the price – visitor counter, email link to your email address, feedback form.

For more details visit our Package Deals page.

Custom Home Pages are a bit more involved because they usually have a larger number of pages so they really need to be quoted individually. This opens up the possibility of custom textured backgrounds, custom buttons with rollover animation, slide shows of photos, and so on. Call or email us for a quote.